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Late night repair, and support is what we do!

Why wait for the morning when you can call an IT Professional at night?

Sometimes things can't wait for the morning, when you are on a deadline and you need support don't hesitate to contact Silver City PC. 

Are you a business that needs to roll out a software update or new hardware, and can't do it during the day?

Silver City PC will be there after hours to help. 


Mac or PC we support both! 


We offer installation, and troubleshooting, of new and old devices. 

Having software troubles, or need to install software? We can take care of remotely, or onsite.


We can repair most electronic devices with onsite pick up and drop off. We can offer repairs remotely for software. If you are needing onsite repair we can offer some hardware repairs as well. 


Malware, viruses, spyware, ransomware. Sometimes having just an antivirus protection may not solve your problem.


There are many ways to infect a PC, having just one solution may not be the answer, and if you have too many it will cause conflicts.


Let us remove those threats and help you create a plan to keep your information and data safe.  


Is the PC you have running slow after having it for just a few months? Do you have an older machine and you are considering purchasing a new one but can't afford to spend the money on a new one?


Let evaluate your equipment, and give you the best upgrade recommendations so that you can be productive without spending or throwing away perfectly good hardware. 


Before you upgrade do you know if your machine is ready for it?


Operating system upgrades, MS Office upgrades, third party software and database upgrades can be done remotely or onsite, let us evaluate your situation to make sure your upgrade runs smoothly.    


Do you have more than one machine at home or in the office? Do you want them all to communicate with each other? Want to make sure your wireless is upto speed? Is it secure? Do you want to share documents or setup a media server?

Gives a call to find out how to best setup your home or office computer network. 


Do you want to have a recurring  tech to check on your PC, and need a plan to keep everything up to date, and tuned up every month or week. We can setup recurring maintenance plans to make sure your PCs is tuned up and updated with the latest update releases.  


Have an iPhone or Android phone or tablet? We offer help in servicing those devices and help with setting it up, transfer data, help connect to your network and making sure they are configured properly. Training on these devices is also offered. 


Needing help with setting up PCs around the office? Not sure how to network all your devices? Is your business secure?

Let us evaluate your situation and come up with the best way to support your business needs.  

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